Email marketing for beginners

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Email Marketing

Email marketing, one of the most common forms of marketing. Marketers in large companies, small companies and all points between use email marketing. Email marketing crosses all sectors and is used for all sorts of communication.

Which email marketing platform should you choose?

So you’ve already got a system in place, the first thing to do is make sure you’re utilising it to it’s full potential. Even with all the other tools available, the discipline of regular email marketing is something all marketing teams need to be well versed in. You should only consider changing what you’re already using if you have found shortcomings in your platform that hinders results.

With so many variables what do you need to get right with email campaigns?
A contentious point fiercely debated by many, we at renew use an evidence based measurable marketing approach as standard.


The number 1 critical factor with email marketing is data. The quality of your data determines the scope of your success. This is why some sectors should expect greater success than others, and conversely why other sectors can struggle to get off the starting blocks.

Subject line

Millions of emails don’t get past the subject line and go straight to the trash can. Fact is, your subject line is the first part of your email that’s easy to test and find out what works and what doesn’t. So ensuring that this element of your email is right is imperative.


Does your email work on a mobile phone? With such an almighty proportion of email marketing being viewed on mobile, if you haven’t thought of your target audience and user, you risk the trash can and unsubscribe buttons just by having emails that can’t be viewed on all devices.


As with websites, focus your content on the recipient. First step is forget what you want to say, consider what the recipient wants to read. The more you can bring your content round to this method of development, the greater the success.

Call to action

What should someone do upon reading your email? What action will they take? What’s in it for the recipient? Your call to action needs to be obvious and direct. Therefore make it easy for your recipients.

So by using decent data, a subject line that will grab the right kind of attention, a format that recipients can read easily, content that they’ll want and a clear call to action, the basic formula for successful email marketing is explained.

At Renew Marketing, the solutions delivered for clients take all this into account and a whole lot more.

Most of our email marketing clients contact us because they want to achieve better results from their activities.

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