Consultancy services marketing


Presentation specialists – consultancy services marketing


One of the world’s leading sales presentation development companies needed help with their consultancy services marketing.

Project Type

Marketing automation, sales automation, systems integration.

Project Length

6 Months


To create an automated system to secure sales conversions from the 80k monthly website visitors.


The Renew team interviewed the client thoroughly about their consultancy services marketing needs and expectations, and took a closer look at their target audience – potentially huge as it included anyone and everyone who creates, uses and presents with Powerpoint.


This consultancy services client was interested in being able to automate the sales process so conversions could take place without the involvement of sales and account management staff. The solution also needed to automate the front end sales process for their powerpoint slide design service and integrate it into the existing Salesforce and architecture from their WordPress website.

Another challenge with this project was working with the developers on the west coast of the US and the associated time difference.

Renew approach

A functional specification was created for the system development, and to manage the client’s chosen third party developer in the US. Once we had the specification, the developers were able to build the architecture of the system, which uses sophisticated lookups and processes to satisfy user and business needs.


The interface was launched in BETA with fully functional linkage to existing systems. Now, customers can enter their details, upload their content and create a new job on the company’s Salesforce system through a series of four short forms on the company website.

The consultancy services marketing solution is completely scalable and reduces the need for specialist account handlers. Furthermore, the quicker sales process improves the customer experience. Additionally, the storage of client files is more efficient than the previous manual processes.

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