Insurance broker marketing automation #002

Insurance broker marketing automation

Insurance broker marketing automation offers a number of benefits. Marketing automation increases sales, improves retention and reduces operational costs. It’s a win-win-win.


Insurance broker


A commercial insurance broker.

Project Type

The scope of the project included digital infrastructure, lead generation, systems integration and marketing automation.

Project Length

6 months


The client approached Renew Marketing requesting help implementing marketing automation to improve the success of their sales process and the scalability of their operation.

Investigation – business case for insurance broker marketing automation

The insurance buying and sales cycle revolves heavily around one thing, the renewal date. Typically in insurance businesses, clients are only contacted around the time of renewal. Is it therefore any wonder that loyalty is so challenging to achieve? Also in insurance, there is often a disconnect between the systems used for collating client information and actually communicating with them. Although this is improving, the insurance business in many instances is one that is behind the times, partly due to compliance and regulation, partly due to clunky systems and out of date thinking.

We identified a number of measures that could be taken to achieve their core objectives of firstly improving sales and secondly to facilitate this by improving the scalability of their current operation. Marketing automation had an obvious business case for this Insurance broker.


Insurance as a business struggles with loyalty and the competition from web based-offerings provided by larger insurers. Therefore insurance brokers need to rely heavily on sales and marketing if they wish to grow. However, many insurance brokers are still struggling with both the imperative for high quality communication with their customers and the technicalities of insurance broker marketing automation.

This client had their product spread across a variety of schemes, each of which was focused at a different target audience. The driving challenge for this client was managing the development of measurable sales and marketing tools that would be easy to manage and maintain. The secondary challenge was to offer strategies that integrated seamlessly with their back office systems. Maintaining brand identity and consistency across the business is a standard challenge with most clients. Insurance broker marketing automation was quickly becoming an obvious choice to move the business forward.

Renew approach

One of our first actions was to establish basic brand guidelines that the client could use to both differentiate its brands and to maintain corporate identity. This enables a more simple and speedy implementation as guidelines are easier to follow than blank canvases.

In order to be able to control its own website, the client also expressed an interest in moving across to the WordPress platform. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that is more controllable and less costly to manage than traditionally coded sites, and also performs better in Google searches. Our team provided guidance and assistance throughout the migration process, and made improvements to the website’s design and conversion funnels using integration with advanced communication systems.

To fulfil the client’s need for scalability we defined with them the easiest and quickest routes to automate communication and sales processes. From prospecting to renewal date gathering to customer welcome communications right the way through to customer renewal, automated messages now exist meaning scalability is far more achievable without adding additional costs of administration staff.

This client now has automated communications, sales notifications and renewal reminders across multiple platforms. As part of the process, Renew oversaw the training of internal staff in the use of the new technology platforms.


With the new website and marketing automation platform implemented, the client began to see an immediate upturn in leads generated. Both the engagement process and the renewal process were materially improved by the new initiatives.

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