Event promotion and event marketing


Event promotion and event marketing


Event promoter

Project Type

Event promotion, event marketing, rapid implementation, lead generation, digital infrastructure, marketing automation

Project Length

8 months


The client in this case was an events promoter who had an ambitious plan to launch a seasonal public event. The event would feature a range of attractions to satisfy the wide reaching audience. Our role would be to create brand assets and then launch an event promotion campaign to draw the punters in when the time came.


The target audience in this particular instance were mostly local and social media users. The event promotion client provided no data to work with, so this particular project required the building of prospect data from the ground up.

In order to generate the kind of information required to build the capabilities of ongoing event marketing, lead generation was to be a major part of the project.


One of the best things about getting involved with this event promotion brief was the fact that we were brought in from the very beginning, which can make a real difference. The challenge for us was creating an exciting new brand from scratch. All we had was an outline of the event and a possible location. There wasn’t even a name at that stage.

Renew approach

Once the event name had been agreed, we were able to design a complete brand identity, including advertising, website and social media assets. One our major tasks was to ensure that the website gained traffic for as little budget as possible. We researched key phrases and search terms before writing the website content, so copywriters could be briefed to achieve the best SEO.


Once approved, the Facebook page and website were launched simultaneously. With the combination of a Facebook competition, Facebook advertising and a website with integrated e-commerce, the results were spectacular.

Over the course of three months, the event gained

9,200 Facebook likes

60,000 unique website visitors

Processed ticket orders of more than £65,000

From a search perspective, the website outranked other major local attractions from launch through to the actual event.

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