Bedford Marketing Agency

Bedford Marketing Agency

Setting up a Bedford Marketing Agency

From an early age the ambition was to set up a Bedford marketing agency. I was always interested in artwork and design as a youngster and my father said to me while I was at school “you’ll never make money as an artist”. Whether that’s what he meant or he wanted more for the investment he’d made in school fees I’m not sure. This sparked even more of an interest for me though. I’m not someone who gives in easily and generating an income from the thing I love most became my principal objective. So from the age of around 15 I knew my Bedford marketing agency was how I’d get the career I wanted.

Moving my Bedford marketing agency into an office

In 2012, the time came to set up Renew Marketing, my Bedford Marketing Agency. Initially I was working from home with a handful of clients and the business grew pretty swiftly. In December 2015, we had outgrown the conservatory at home and needed premises. The company was moved into serviced offices on the Elms Farm Industrial Estate and that’s where we’ve been since.

Not only do I get to cycle to work, which I love as I’m also a cycling coach, but we have a beautiful clean office from which we can service our marketing clients. Being only a couple of miles from home avoids any traffic issues and enables a quick trip home at lunch time or any other time if needs be.

Moving the company into our Bedford office was one of the best decisions I’ve taken for the company. Not only can we now entertain client visits but it also makes my home my home. When you work hard it’s important to be able to have the choice about separating work and leisure. The alternative can lead to a distinct blurring of lines which can affect both sides of life.

So, if you’re looking for a Bedford marketing agency and want to receive practical advice and solutions, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. The approach we take is about using evidence and being measurable. For most company owners and marketers this will be music to your ears. No fluff, no fuss, no nonsense. We aren’t about big ideas, quite the opposite, this Bedford marketing agency is about evidence based measurable marketing. Let’s face it, most people want to know how well their investments are performing.

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