Does Social Media improve your Search Ranking?

Does Social Media Improve Your Search Ranking

Whether you like it or not, the days of SEO only being about relevant keywords are a thing of the past. A common question from our customers is does social media improve your search ranking
Google has found a different way to measure the popularity of your website – social media.
The world’s most popular search engine now uses social signals to tell them what’s popular. The more shares, +1s  and re-tweets you get, the higher your SEO ranking. So does social media improve your search ranking, it does now.
[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Improve your social efforts; help with that all important search engine ranking – Some tips.[/typography]


[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Get your content right  – It’s not all about you. 
Do – Get inside your potential customer’s mind. What might interest them, what useful information might they want to read about? Think beyond what your company offers. It’s OK for your content to have nothing to do with your product, you’re trying to encourage users to engage with you. Don’t – talk about yourselves and start talking about your customers. If you want people to share your content this is one piece of advice that’s important to take on board.
[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Write how you speak 
Do – Try writing as you speak, as this is how people search. Interesting, free flowing content is also much more likely to attract social interaction.
Don’t  – Bother with boring, keyword stuffed content. Google is smart and will be able to tell that your content is all just keywords & they won’t bother ranking it!
[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Make Sharing Easy [/typography]
Do -. Always include social icons on all your content to allow users to share your stories with the click of a button Don’t – Get obsessed about how many likes you get for your posts. The shares and re-tweets are what count most. Social sharing is the new word of mouth marketing – and we all know how valuable that is for a brand.

Images And Image Based Social Media

[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Don’t overlook the use of images 
Do – Use Images to add depth to your content. Images allow you an opportunity to extend your message’s reach. Make the most of image specific searches. Don’t – Be too wordy. Remember that most people these days engage on their smart phones or tablets. Smaller screens mean scrolling, your user’s attention will be easier to hold if you keep it short and sweet.
[typography font=”Quattrocento Sans” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Review your Performance – Plot a Trend[/typography]
Do – Record your results. Look at what works, spot trends and focus on how to make this even better. Don’t – Post at the wrong times. Example – Vodka companies will have greater success posting on Friday afternoon than on Monday morning.
Remember, receiving likes for each post is great. However the thing gets you up those search rankings is shares and re-tweets.

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