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Law Firm Marketing Services are offered by Renew Marketing Ltd. With clients in the legal sector and working experience in outsourcing legal services for corporate and SME, Renew Marketing is positioned perfectly to provide extensive marketing support services for businesses in the legal sector.


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Law Firm Marketing



Project Type

Lead generation, marketing automation, digital infrastructure

Project Length

24 months

Law Firm Marketing Objective

When the clients developed an innovative new legal product, they needed to launch it nationwide in conjunction with a rebrand for their existing business. Renew Marketing was tasked with four objectives: to develop a marketing suite for the new product; to develop channel partner collateral, with training; to execute the direct marketing strategy; and to create a new brand identity for the firm.


It quickly became apparent that the client didn’t understand the market as well as they needed to launch a new product into a highly competitive marketplace. As a well-established sector, it would be essential to create a product which would stand out. Furthermore, it was necessary to take into account the longevity of the sales cycles, as many of the target audience were under multi annual contracts to existing providers.


The challenge on this brief was to create an identity and a story for the client that would set them apart from other legal firms and similar providers of competitive services, rather than positioning them as part of the herd. This is a legal firm with a refreshingly honest, open and positive attitude to commercial risk, and it was important for that to show through.

Renew approach

Our initial move was to produce a marketing strategy outlining the general development and execution plan for bringing the new product to the market. Previous direct experience in this market enabled Renew Marketing to satisfy the needs of providing a marketable package, placing emphasis on its unique pricing and service structure.

The next stage was the creation of the website and the supporting email marketing strategy. The product was launched with a website, brochures and an integrated rmcomⓒ system. Channel partners were provided with presentations and training, and analytics led to the development of proposals to improve partner results.


The package of solutions provided by Renew all worked very well, producing strong results and enquiries straight away from the very first outbound campaign. In particular, the rmcomⓒ email and SMS marketing strategy generated new leads for the client.

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