Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the channel that develops an idea or a strategy into a visual creation.

From the initial brand identity through to marketing materials and packaging, graphic design is what makes your company and products stand out.

At Renew Marketing you can access creative designers of the highest calibre for all your graphic design needs. Being based in Bedford and using a low overhead business model means we can keep your costs reasonable and deliver world class quality.

How important is it?

How do customers differentiate your product from other products that fulfil the same function?

Primarily by its design. The same goes for your marketing assets, your branding and your company image.

Good graphic design can make you stand out from the crowd and consistent design will fix your brand characteristics in your target audience’s psyche. Bad design, across your branding and your marketing, however, will leave you floundering.

How can it help my business?

Trained graphic designers will bring an aesthetic discipline to each piece of work they do for you—good design is not simply a matter of loading different elements into a desktop publishing programme.

The power of professional graphic design is undeniable and a qualified designer will take an individual approach to every new job they take on. In order to come up with a design that’s sympathetic to your corporate ethos, your designer will need to know all about your company, your clients and your market—and will make time for this important research.

In return, you can expect a result that will resonate with potential customers and give all your collateral a strong sense of branding, character and position in the market.

Graphic design services

We understand how important it is for your company to present a consistent graphic image to your customers, potential customers and the world in general.

Our experienced designers can create your corporate identity for you and follow through with all your graphic design needs.

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The difference at Renew Marketing Ltd is how our Graphic Design team thinks about the bigger picture and marketing integration from the beginning. This helps our clients keep costs contained throughout the lifetime of their brand development journey. Ryan Mullins - Renew Marketing Ltd

Graphic Design Services

Corporate Identity

One of the most important marketing requirements of a growing business is a set of corporate guidelines. Corporate guidelines make it easy for graphic designers, website developers, sign makers and any other third party producing graphic material for you to get the look and feel right from the off.

A professionally designed set of corporate guidelines save you money in the longer term and protect your brand identity giving you consistency and continuity.

Logos & Icons
Creating a company or brand logo is an artform. Professional logos tell a story about the company and help to express the company’s values and purpose.

At Renew Marketing, logos are created by graphic designers that fully understand this principle. Logo’s are researched and created from scratch every time.

The Graphic Design team don’t take shortcuts. Logo’s produced by Renew Marketing are not quick or cheap but then the type of brands we work with desire a marque of quality and reliability.

There’s also a need for businesses of today to develop iconography and icon sets to reflect their brand. Items like share buttons, download icons and the like are commonplace and the Renew Marketing Graphic Design team is available to create icon sets that reflect the brand identity of our clients.

Business Stationery
Although we’d never offer to “design a business card”, it is of course part of a company’s identity. As part of broader packages, the graphic design team at Renew Marketing design business stationery regularly.
Digital Assets
The need for graphic design in today’s market is stronger than it’s ever been, particularly digital. It’s no longer strong enough to simply have a nice looking logo.

Even if you don’t use social media, your business probably has profiles and pages that should reflect the business identity.

Your company probably uses channels such as email and film as well which again would be categorised as digital assets.

The Graphic Design team is geared up and ready to take your brief and discuss your requirements.

Email Marketing
Designs for email marketing should always be done by someone with experience. There are things that an experienced graphic designer will know about coding emails that someone with less experience may not.

At Renew Marketing, the graphic design team knows all about how to create beautiful and effective emails that coders can deploy more easily on desktop and mobile.

Website Design
Designing a website isn’t just about how it looks, it’s about how it works, for the user, for your business, for google, on desktop and on mobile.

Although there are plenty of graphic designers who will design a site, whether it actually works the way it should is of utmost importance. The Graphic Design team at Renew Marketing understand exactly what is required technically from a design for web.

This means you receive accurate advice and ultimately a website with the best chances of success.

Brochures and Flyers
With a world of digital designers out there now it’ll be reassuring for you to know the Graphic Design team at Renew Marketing have all the experience required to produce paper based and digital brochures.

The team has a wealth of print experience covering an enormous variety of specialist finishes, colours and paper stocks. This means your brochures and marketing material can be the dream items you desire.

Product Packaging
Whether you’re selling B2C or B2B, product packaging design is incredibly important. It’s the final part the customer sees and feels before opening and using your item.

Whatever you want your customer to feel when they get your product, the Renew Marketing Graphic Design team have the necessary experience to create the perfect packaging for you.

Large Format
From building hoardings to exhibition stands, from company vehicles to posters and point of sales, Renew Marketing’s graphic design team have the know how and competence to provide you everything you need.
Promotional Merchandise
From catalogue items to bespoke promotional items, Renew Marketing has a design team to match your budget and needs to perfect promotional gifts.
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Graphic Design