Terms and conditions

The following provides the terms & conditions of business set out by Renew Marketing Ltd (Renew) when dealing with its clients (Client).

By commissioning work from Renew you agree to be bound by the following terms which take precedence over any of Renew’s Clients’ terms of business.


Renew provides a wide range of services covered by the following sub-categories.


Renew provides advice in the subjects of sales, marketing and business process. Details of consulting services may be found on www.renewmarketing.co.uk


Renew delivers creative services covering the production of marketing collateral. These services include design, copywriting, website development, email coding, software integration and other solutions listed on www.renewmarketing.co.uk


Renew provides project management services to Clients including the implementation and Management of sales and marketing activities, integration of software and business systems and automation of business processes in sales and marketing functions. Details of these services can be found on www.renewmarketing.co.uk


The first set of amendments is provided as part of the service. This allow for Clients to edit the work provided by Renew to satisfy Client tastes and demands.

Additional amendments are charged at studio rates as prescribed on the Renew website (hourly in 15 minute blocks).

Additions to the original brief will be estimated in writing and on acceptance, charged in addition to the original project.

Renew Marketing Ltd produces and prints jobs for you per the files, specifications, and instructions which you provide or have agreed to.

While we will bring to your attention any errors that we notice, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROVAL OF PROOFS, PROOF READING, AND ERRORS.

Please be sure to double- check spelling, grammar, layout, and design before approving artwork.

You are responsible for 100% of approvals and copyrighted, trademarked, and licensed agreement of artwork.

Your email approval of any piece of artwork is contractually binding for payment for all services.

All artwork we design must be approved by you before a job can to go print.


Renew guarantees all its work to be in accordance with copyright, licensing and intellectual property laws at the time of delivery

Renew guarantees all works to follow best practice at the time of delivery


Renew Marketing Ltd charges on a support fee basis. Hours are charged and paid in advance which clients then draw down as and when support is required. The minimum time slot is 6 minutes. Time sheets of work carried out are supplied monthly to clients. Support fees bought in advance must be used within 12 months of purchase.

For retained services, clients will pay the monthly retainer fee in advance of the period for which the retained fee covers. Any work above and beyond the retained fee will be invoiced as the work is required and payment is due immediately.

In exceptional circumstances, Renew Marketing Ltd may work on a deposit arrangement for project work. In these circumstances, 50% of the estimated fee is due in advance of work starting, an additional 30% is due at the principle milestone point, which is agreed in advance by Renew Marketing Ltd and the Client. Final balance is due before release of finished project.

Failure to pay within invoice terms will result in interest charges of at least 8% being applied to invoices.

Queries regarding invoices and payments should refer to the queries section detailed below.


Renew will agree timescales with its clients at the time of estimates being raised.

Timelines will be confirmed at the point of order.

Renew will make all reasonable efforts to achieve the timelines agreed and set out in the estimate and order acknowledgment supplied to its Client.

Renew will make its Client aware of any delays in delivery at the earliest possible opportunity.


Should a client have a query it must provide the details of the query in writing to Renew using the email address info@renewmarketing.co.uk

The subject line of the email must detail that the email contains a query.

Renew will endeavour to respond within 48hrs to acknowledge the query.

Renew will make every effort to resolve and satisfy all queries within 120 days of the original query.

Payment and Invoice queries

Invoice and payment queries must be made within 7 days of the invoice date.

Queries raised by Clients after this time will be dealt with seperately and will not impose any restrictions on invoice payment under the above terms.



Many of the fees charged by Renew are based on hourly rates. Rates are priced hourly and charged in 15 minute slots which are rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

Renew keeps records of all timeslips for projects and these may be made available to clients on request.

General hourly fees are detailed as follows and are all subject to VAT.

  • Company Director – £200
  • Consultant – £200
  • Project Director – £135
  • Project Manager – £105
  • Account Manager – £85
  • Website Developer – £120
  • Graphic Design – £105
  • Administrator – £50
  • Rush fees including working outside business hours are charged at 2.5 x hourly rates


Additional costs expected to be incurred by Client projects will, where possible, be notified and estimated in advance.

Costs accrued by Renew in line with the delivery of a Client project will be recharged to Clients with an additional 10% handling fee.


Disbursements including mileage, hotel accommodation and sustenance will be recharged to Clients in accordance with the following fees:

Mileage by car is charged at £0.65/mile

Any other travelling costs are charged at cost plus 10%

Rail Travel – All Renew employees will travel by First Class Train only

Air Travel – All Renew employees will fly Business Class as a minimum standard

Taxi – Renew employees will only travel by Taxi or Private Hire Vehicles between train stations/airports and client destinations

Travelling time during working hours (8am – 6pm) is charged at 0.66 x hourly rates

Travelling time and overnight stays outside working hours are charged at 1.5 x hourly rates

Hotel accomodation is charged at cost plus 10%

Sustenance is charged at cost plus 10%


Directors of Limited company Clients are personally liable for any outstanding debts accrued with Renew.

Renew reserves the right to withhold any supplied services, reclaim copyright and publish details of non payment as it deems fit.


Clients may terminate working relationships with Renew by settling all outstanding debts and providing 30 days notice in writing.

Where ongoing campaigns are in place, Clients are required to provide 60 days notice of termination to allow Renew to cease all activity, raise final invoices and Clients to settle accounts.


The term of agreement between Renew and its Client is the length of time from initial order through to settlement of invoices.

Terms continue to apply as long as there is work or monies outstanding.


The above terms are governed by the Laws of England & Wales