B2B marketing

How to get the best B2B marketing ideas

B2B marketing has never been more challenging and it could well be that you are feeling or have felt the effects building over the last few years. You may have been struggling to get new business leads or gain the loyalty you were once used to.

Let’s go back to the fact at the top, most B2B sales begin with an online search so how you appear online means everything. If your website doesn’t do much for you, perhaps it’s just not performing as well as your competitors?

The fact remains that if your competitors are working harder online than you are, they are much more likely to gain value in terms of leads, enquiries and sales through their website than you are.

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The challenges you’re facing in B2B marketing

  • Buyers are changing, the methods for buying are changing.
  • Where historically keeping in touch by telephone, popping in to see customers and the occasional lunch were practices executed by most B2B companies, times have changed and there is no sight of them changing back.
  • Nowadays, procurement and purchasing departments want to find the information they need online, and in many cases, a transaction will be carried through without there being any human contact at all.

So what does that mean for marketing your B2B business?

This means that getting your values across and why people should deal with you is incredibly challenging. Buyers want to be able to look you up and make a purchasing decision based on what other people say about you. They simply don’t believe the hype any more.

Your website is your number 1 priority in B2B marketing.

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It’s important to mention that another challenge you may face is understanding the marketing advice that you read or receive. It’s not always as clear as you would like it to be and with so many options out there, making the right choice about what to invest your time and effort into is a potential minefield.

Making your B2B marketing presence felt

Whatever your market niche—be it electronic components manufacture or industrial machine supply—you need to stand out. It’s only by being distinct from the competition that you’ll be able to attract attention and generate leads.

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