rmcom email design

An eye-catching email design is an important part of getting the customer on your side. That’s why rmcom has a wide range of unique features that allows you to create a look ideally suited to your requirements.

This is how rmcom can make your email campaigns run more effectively:

A wide range of templates
Whether it’s a newsletter, survey or a one-off promotion, rmcom is equipped with hundreds of detailed templates for all types of communication. No matter how quirky your brand may be, you can be sure there’s a template to match.

Content that helps
Need some writing help? No worries, rmcom will populate your templates with hints, tips and example text for the most perfect – looking email.

Get that personal touch
There’s nothing quite like a personalised message. rmcom can take information from your contact database and customise every email to each specific person. For example, before the email is sent, rmcom will populate the message with the customer’s name, address and what he/she purchased.

Drag ‘n Drop
If you’re not happy with your email’s layout, a solution is just a few clicks away. rmcom’s template builder let’s you ‘drag and drop’ new rows, links and images into your email for the perfect design.

Relevant content
rmcom will automatically target groups with content that directly appeals to your audience. This means an email can be specifically created to reflect the interests of the customer based on what you already know. Is your customer an avid golf fan? rmcom can send an email advertising the latest golfing equipment.

Fully integrated with litmus
Which means rmcom can display your emails in a wide range of different formats, including: Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and more.

Preserve your templates
Keep your favourite templates safe and sound by placing them in rmcom’s designated ‘My Templates’ folder.

Instant checking
Become a whizz with words thanks to rmcom’s built-in spell checker – helping you to identify any mistakes you may have missed.

Complete control over your emails
Got a newsletter that’s only important to a handful of contacts? With rmcom, you can easily control the amount of people who receive your email – whether it’s one person or your entire list.

Link to forms
Collect valuable info on your customers with rmcom’s ‘Link to Forms’ feature. Place polls, surveys or links on your emails and see the results come flooding in.

Flexible formatting
Whether it’s HTML, plain text or SMS, rmcom is finely tuned for creating exciting new campaigns in a range of formats.