rmcom benefits


Better email and SMS marketing
rmcom is a powerful, automated client management CRM software system designed to take full advantage of multi channel email, sms and social media communication. rmcom is best used when integrated into sales process management systems using its API.
This is when rmcom sets its self apart by using sales process triggers to automate integrated media communications.
The benefits of rmcom are extensive.
Increase sales conversion
  • Improve accuracy with integrated CRM
  • Improve targeting with automatic data cleansing
  • Increase market intelligence
  • Gain instant notifications of prospect interactions
  • Improve relevance of communications
  • Reduce effort with list management and integration
  • Improve marketing mix with cross channel messaging
  • Increase reach with social media integration
  • Increase transparency of marketing activity value with reporting and intelligence functions
Improve retention
  • Improve communications with customers using automated messaging
  • Increase touch points using automated messages (24 hr, 7 day, 3 mths etc)
  • Increase customer value using data capture and cleansing functions
  • Improve service by capturing feedback
  • Improve timing with triggers and automation
Save time
  • Eradicate┬ádouble entry of data
  • Reduce Account Exec driven communications
  • Improve accuracy with customer/acturis driven data
  • Improve accuracy with automatic messaging
  • Avoid manual intervention
Increase productivity
  • Reduce activities required of account execs
  • Increase communication with customers
  • Reduce cost of communication
  • Reduce content production with pre-prepared conditional content features
  • Reduce compliance issues with standardised communications
Improve customer relationships
  • Increase frequency of communication
  • Improve accuracy of communication
  • Improve data flow between customer and broker
  • Increase accuracy of data
  • Enable customers to determine frequency and media of communications
Reduce attrition
  • Improve customer worth
  • Increase customer intelligence
  • Increase upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Increase identification of new opportunities