Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of most marketing campaigns. Whether it’s outbound email marketing en masses or ultra targeted campaigns based on user credentials, it’s normally integral to your marketing activity.

With years of experience in email marketing, using different platforms to manage campaigns, Renew Marketing Ltd has all the skills you need to deliver campaigns that give you results.

Gone are the days of simply looking at open rates and click throughs. With today’s technology, emails can respond differently on different browsers. Email marketing can use animation within the email. Depending on the systems being used, automation is not only possible but can be incredibly sophisticated too.

Why use email marketing?
There’s one simple reason that makes it impossible to not put email marketing at the top of your list. Email marketing pays. Its ROI outstrips other forms of marketing significantly. When it comes to the bottom line, the returns on email marketing make it the most effective way of reaching out to both existing and potential clients.
Instant marketing
Send an email and a few seconds later your customers will be reading it. Use it to alert them to discounts and create a sense of urgency. With a strong call to action, you’ll see instant results.
Test your market
The nature of email marketing allows you to segment and test your market. Track which emails elicit the best response from which segments of your audience. Refine your message, then track the results again. Identify your key demographics and then hit them with a carefully honed message that speaks their language.
Low cost marketing
Email marketing allows you to achieve fantastic result even though it normally costs less than other forms of advertising. An expertly crafted message, designed for impact and optimised for use across multiple devices, can reach your audience in ways other forms of marketing can’t possibly.
Email marketing services
With many years experience of this incredibly effective form of marketing, we can transform your levels of customer engagement and populate your sales funnel with high quality leads.
Email marketing is on of the most effective tool available to marketers, and one that guarantees instant results. It should be a central plank of all your marketing campaigns and you’ll find that it pays significant dividends to appoint a professional email marketing team to create the most effective messages on your behalf.Ryan Mullins - Renew Marketing Ltd

Email Marketing Services

Write compelling messages
Most people appreciate that writing content is a specialist skill.

When it comes to email marketing, this is even more apparent. Before a recipient even reads your email you need them to open it. Have you tried writing a subject line that works? It doesn’t stop there of course, you need the next one and the one after that to work too. You get the picture….

Design responsive emails
With such a significant proportion of recipients opening their email on a mobile phone, it’s important that your email displays the way it should. Emails designed correctly work on any device and display in ways that are easy to navigate and use.

All emails designed and produced by Renew Marketing work in exactly that way.

Efficient Coding
Most companies or brands want their own email style. Yes, you can adapt a template but it’s never quite the same as having one designed and created for you. The whole point of email marketing though is volume and frequency and that means you need different layouts and messages for different purposes.

The most efficient way to design your templates for email marketing campaigns is to produce one template with as many of the options you will need as possible. This will save you time and money.

Segment and Manage lists
Unless you truly understand marketing and segmentation, making the best use of your email marketing lists can be challenging.

Renew Marketing is a full service marketing company with the experience to assist you in making your email marketing lists work hard for you to deliver the results you desire.

Knowing you have the advice on tap to assist you gives you more peace of mind that your marketing investments are well spent.

Design and schedule campaigns
As with any marketing activity, email marketing should be part of a campaign. In fact, in today’s marketing world, any marketing activity should be built into the whole customer journey.

The Renew Marketing email marketing team can assist you in identifying touch points where email would be beneficial to the customer journey as well as helping you plan wider activities.

Interpret target audience
Your target audience, the people you wish to send messages to, may be a group, multiple groups, or even groups within groups. It can be challenging, particularly when they are your customers, to define what constitutes “target audience”.

This is where Renew Marketing can assist you. With year of experience and tons of knowledge, the team will help you to put clear definitions around the types of audience you want to market to. Over time this will help you grow your customer bases, improve conversion and increase sales.

Implement automation
You will undoubtedly have been a recipient of automated marketing. Whether it be booking flights, choosing a holiday, or simply buying something online, you will most likely have received some kind of confirmation of your transaction. That’s marketing automation at its simplest.

Renew Marketing can assist you with marketing automation from very simple processes to sophisticated campaigns. If you’re thinking automation, you will probably also want integration too.

Integrate your campaigns
As email marketing has become an integral part of the sales process in most companies, integration of systems has become a prerequisite as well.

To increase efficiency and reduce administration, system integration is an obvious choice. The team at Renew Marketing can help you assess where integration offers you the best returns.

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