Corporate Film

Corporate Film

Corporate film is a term used to describe many types of media. Whether it be live-action video with actors, explainers using your own staff, animated presentations or bespoke animations in 2D and 3D, corporate film covers a plethora of different options, and importantly; budgets.

At Renew Marketing, clients can access expertise in film production. This will help you to plan and execute a corporate film strategy that’s on budget and fits your business needs. The main benefit of dealing with Renew Marketing for corporate film is the marketing expertise.

With the help of Renew Marketing customers have the peace of mind that their corporate films are on brand, deliver the right message and make the most of the budgets available.

Value of corporate film
Corporate film and video are powerful ways of grabbing your audience’s attention. They can go further than a single image in creating a mood or building a brand image. And they can incorporate a strong call to action. They can also be an effective way of communicating with your own staff, as well as being used to inform and instruct on your products and services.
Corporate films that succeed
Every corporate film is created with an objective which helps determine its style and content. Once the core message has been distilled, a script and a storyboard can be devised. Professional filming and editing are essential to create a high quality, high impact video that will encompass the message and values you need to share. Objectives can include company profiles, brand campaigns, celebratory PR, tour videos, exhibition collateral, case studies, testimonials, recruitment campaigns, product launches and event recordings.
Corporate film services
Your corporate film needs to be a true reflection of your business, whatever the specific goal of the piece. The market demands transparency and authenticity. One of the reasons that we’re successful at what we do is that we always thoroughly research our clients, their products, their customers and their marketplace before we start on any project for them—and this holds true of corporate films too.
87% of online marketers use video content according to Outbrain.Outbrain

Corporate Film Services

Corporate film is no longer a luxury reserved for only the big guys. The popularity of YouTube and on-demand video means customers now expect you to have video as part of your promotional collateral.

Prices for film
Quality corporate film prices begin at the £5000 mark at Renew Marketing Ltd.
Film strategy
Knowing how to get the most bang from your buck is important with corporate film because the budget are so much higher than most other collateral. Customers can access the experience that helps plan a film strategy that suits your business and budget needs.
Film specification
Getting the brief right for your corporate film helps to keep costs contained and to get the job done more swiftly. Renew Marketing customers can access the expertise to help get this right first time, saving you time, effort and ultimately money.
Scripting and story-boarding
As with any well executed project, corporate film should be well planned. Creating a story-board and script well in advance of production starting is by far the most efficient way to produce exceptional corporate film.
Actors and animators
Choosing the right actors and animators can be the difference that ensures a convincing, successful film. Remember of course that A-list celebrities and world class animators come at a price. Customers at Renew Marketing can access skilled people who can emulate the a-listers for a fraction of the price.
Production is what makes customers films “shiny”. It’s one thing shooting a film but the editing and production is what gives it the wow factor. Using film industry software and equipment means many of the effects you see in feature length films are now available for your corporate film as well.
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