Corporate Bike

 Corporate Bike

‘Corporate Bike’ comes hot on the wheels of the recent Olympic cycling successes in Rio. Bringing bespoke bike design and branding to your company cycles, Corporate Bike will literally take your promotional presence up a gear. Think of the additional marketing reach you could enjoy while your employees cycle to and from work on smart, statement, enviably stylish bikes.

Health and fitness benefits from cycling are a brilliant way to increase the motivation and productivity of your team. Now you can make corporate bikes work just as hard for your company.

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Staff benefits

Employees who start the day with exercise and fresh are are likely to be more productive. Corporate bike enables just that.
Perks are without question one of the reasons people choose to work for your company. When you have a health conscious or younger team, the benefit of being able to access a corporate bike to use could be a massive motivator.
Health & Wellbeing
The link between health and wellbeing and company performance has long been established and now you can take greater benefit from it. Corporate bike enables you to gain advantage with your brand all over it.

Business benefits

Get your brand seen on the move with bespoke corporate bikes. No matter whether it’s being ridden or it is parked up, your brand could gain visibility in places you simply wouldn’t access normally.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Providing the means for employees to get fitter, reduce your carbon footprint and encourage people to be active.
There’s almost certainly tax advantages available for your business from investing in corporate bike and the scale of the benefit would be subject to how corporate bikes are made available in the business.
According to Men’s Fitness magazine, ‘a relaxing bike ride (< 10mph) burns more calories than an easy walk (2mph) – 281 calories versus 176 per hour’.Ryan Mullins - Renew Marketing Ltd

Corporate bike options

Bike style
From fixies to cargo bikes, BMXs to Mountain bikes, corporate bike is available in a variety of different styles.
Colour Schemes
With a wide range of standard colours, most schemes can be covered easily. For customers requiring pantone matching, this is an option as well.
Brand details
Custom graphics are available to suit most brand requirements. You can also access special paint finishes because of our partnership with AFAC Ltd. Precision masking specialists. Hydrodip is also another option which our brand bike specialists can discuss with you.
Custom parts
Corporate bikes can be built to just about any spec, from generic dutch bikes through to team specification custom builds.
Bespoke parts
In partnership with a range of bicycle manufacturers and engineering firms, corporate bikes can be produced for customers with bespoke parts such as bar ends, quick release levers, seat post clamps and really anything you like. The only real limits are physics and your imagination
One Offs
These are more “show pieces” which can be used for exhibitions, reception displays or even corporate gifts. Customers can have bikes built completely to specification. With our team you can create a one off unlike anything you can buy from any bike shop.
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Corporate Bike