rmcom privacy and security

Expect the best data security

You should only expect the best when it comes to protecting your data. That’s why we only use the most advanced systems and leave absolutely nothing to chance. Rest assured – we never take shortcuts when it’s your confidentiality involved.

See below for an overview of our security features:

Data integrity
Your information is stored on a dedicated database server, with redundant copies to ensure integrity and resilience.

Backups of your data are made every 24hrs and stored on devices protected by industrial standard encryption.

Account security
Your account is protected with features such as restricted access, network checks and password management.

Credit card encryption
Your credit card details are encrypted and stored in a secure system to ensure confidentiality. Additionally, we only adhere to industry-approved guidelines.

Network security
Highly restrictive firewalls are used to protect network data – internally and externally.

Physical security
All servers are kept at our state-of-the-art data centre, and can only be accessed by authorised rmcom engineers.

Internal security
We only use the strictest internal security procedures. These include: anti-virus programs, spam filtering, firewalls, and operating system checks.