rmcom crm and data management

subscribe form tools
rmcom allows contacts to add themselves to your database through easily customisable forms. With drag & drop functions and simple visual editing it is easy to create and manipulate forms so you can collect all the information you want to. These can then be easily embedded into website and facebook pages.
Database import & export
rmcom fully supports excel and CSV files, allowing you to import and export huge numbers of contacts within seconds.
This also means you can de-duplicate and cleanse data with the utmost of ease. No more disjointed data, just clean, de-duped and accurate information for targeting your marketing campaigns.
Update details
Your contacts will be able to update their own details through easy to use update profile forms. Automatic updates can also be carried out using rmcom’s preference monitoring functions.
Manual CRM functions include
  • Access to sales contact information
  • Add unlimited fields and dates to each contact
  • Automatic message history information
  • Update/edit contact information
  • Set / edit customer status
  • Add contact notes
  • Share notes with colleagues / peers
  • Set reminders
  • Sales team campaign management
Collect valuable information about your audience through rmcom’s survey feature – essential for targeting communications and generating increases in sales.
SPAM compliance
Automatically manage unsubscribes and bounces with rmcom’s simple to use interface. You can even set rmcom up to manage this completely automatically.