rmcom automated communication

Integrate sms, email & social into your workflow

Reduce the time & cost
Send emails and sms’s any time you likeGoing away for a week or two? No problem, rmcom can be programmed to send emails and texts at any point in the future, even when you’re taking a break from your laptop.
Instant responses & notifications
rmcom will automatically send out an email response to a client’s action. So even if thousands of customers have used your online form, every single one will get a confirmation email. This functionality is two-way as well. This means that you or your sales people may receive notifications of your clients’ interactions too.
And the best part? You don’t have to do a thing.
Profile updates
rmcom takes care of data entry, quickly and accurately. So when a customer completes a survey or form, their details will be automatically updated on your database.
Incredible flexibility
Easily program rmcom to deliver targeted communication at the right moment and based on the correct responses. Whether it’s a follow-up message after an email is opened, or an sms notification if the email hasn’t been opened, with rmcom the possibilities are endless.
Deliver campaigns the easy way
rmcom will activate email or SMS campaigns at any time you like and based on any action (or inaction!) you like.
Go with the flow
Keep your email campaigns ticking over with rmcom’s process flows. For example, if a customer opens an email, the system will automatically send the next one for him/her to read. This might be immediately at a time delay of your choice or even at a pre-programmed time and day.