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37% of B2B Marketers use marketing automation for lead generationInternetViz

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Why use marketing automation software?

Using marketing automation software you can achieve better email marketing, sms marketing and social media marketing to put the right information in front of your customers, at the right time. Now with instant click through notifications, your sales team can be notified immediately when one of your subscribers interacts with your messages. This reduces costs and wastage and improves efficiency of your sales people leading to increased performance and improved sales. As the saying goes, “timing is everything”.

  • Improve sales conversion

  • Increase marketing insight

  • Improve customer experience

  • Increase organisational efficiency

  • Reduce cost and effort

Increase sales opportunites, improve conversion and maximise the bottom line using marketing automation software, rmcom.

With rmcom’s marketing automation features, your sales efforts can be reduced dramatically. By automatically communicating with customers at the right points in the sales process, with the right information, conversion rates increase whilst reducing the effort required to get the sales enquiries in. Also, by using rmcom’s in built CRM and preference monitoring functions, information is automatically gathered into the system giving sales people the most accurate and up to date information without relying on anyone to input it.

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With the use of rmcom’s automatic conditional content functions and sales process automation tools, not only can you pull customers through the sales funnel but you can automatically identify those most likely to buy. With better control of the sales process, you’ll find that the leads you generate will match sales criteria much more closely than most other sales prospecting techniques.

Compared with more traditional communication methods such as post and advertising, rmcom marketing automation software platform outperforms most, if not all. It’s better than that though. Compared with cold calling or outbound activity of just about any type, rmcom costs less and offers significant value in its monitoring and notification features.

When compared like for like with a mailshot for an event, rmcom marketing automation software can deliver 9 x emails + 2 sms with full attendee management for less than a single posted invitation.

Marketing automation software can streamline sales and marketing by communicating with the right customers at the right times and enabling your sales people to get on with what they do best.

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