Branding Consultants

Branding Consultants

Branding consultants will help you understand who you are marketing to, how you should market to them and what you should expect in the future. Renew Marketing begins with understanding the evidence available about its clients markets and consumers. Once the necessary information is gathered, Renew Marketing clients receive a proposal based on fact, underpinned with measurability.

A reputable branding consultant needs information and facts to develop a brand for its customer. Renew Marketing is no different and you should expect tons of questions, weighty research and a solid, evidence based, proposal.

Understanding your market

Before you can begin developing a brand, it’s vital that you know who you are selling to. That may seem like a simple task but the more specific the understanding of these people, the easier the job of the branding consultants. Choice of colour, fonts and general look and feel are something that brand consultants research before proposing their use.

Going beyond look and feel, there’s the choice of language used and again, certain words and phrases will resonate more with different markets. By using the professional services of branding consultants you’ll be right on target and avoiding the hit and miss.

Brand identity

Branding consultants help customers to create the identity of their brand. The development of brand identity is a journey that begins way before a logo is ever drafted. What a branding consultant will help you to do is establish what your brand stands for, what language should be used to describe your brand, products and services, why people will identify with it and much much more.

For customer who appreciate what branding really is, a branding consultant is an essential extension of the team. At Renew Marketing, customers can access branding consultants on an ad-hoc basis meaning greater convenience and increased value.

Brand guidelines

As your brand grows the demand for branded collateral and assets will increase. Obviously it wouldn’t be sensible to rely on one designer for everything, they could get hit by a bus tomorrow….

Brand guidelines are a series of instructions, written for creative and other services to be able to retain consistency and continuity with your brand. The reason every car dealership of any particular brand looks and feels the same is that the brand guidelines are very specific about what that brand should look and feel like. The same applies to chains of restaurants and indeed any brand which has numerous outlets.

Brand guidelines aren’t just for setting up shop though. Professionally produced brand guidelines cover every aspect of brand identity and essentially become the encyclopedia of the brand.


The value of branding is often underestimated but when you consider the biggest brands in the world, you can normally visualise their assets and remember their slogans. Remember, the promoters and advertisers had to make sure their hard work all delivered a consistent message – and that is the job of branding.Ryan Mullins - Renew Marketing Ltd

Branding Consultants Services

Establish your audience
A branding consultant helps you to identify and define who your customers are. Understanding the demographic information about your target customers can assist you in finding other customers you may not have considered.
Define your USPs
When you’re in the driving seat it can be challenging to see what makes you different and why customers choose you. Your brand consultant will assist you with clarifying your unique selling points and developing your brand messages.
Brand values
It’s important for your customers and your staff to know what your brand is all about. When you get this right, everyone knows what your brand is all about, and the chances of getting this right will be greatly improved with the insight and experience of a¬†branding consultant.


Brand identity
Your brand identity is essentially the brand dna. This includes logos, colours, stationery, language, slogans, format of collateral, how it appears socially…. essentially it covers everything. A branding consultant will assist you in getting this documented and collated into a document that can be accessed as and when needed. This saves you time and money as your brand develops and grows.
Brand collateral
Once you have a brand identity, you’ll need some collateral. From the basics of stationery through to catalogues and websites and beyond to social and advertising. At Renew Marketing, your Branding Consultant will help you brief creatives to produce your collateral and ensure that what is produced is “on brand”.
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branding consultants