Make the Renew Marketing team your team

Do you watch Formula 1 racing?

Don’t you love the cars, the noise, the speed, the adrenalin and the champagne showers at the end? But one of the most astounding things has to be the turnaround speed of the pit stops—all four tyres changed in less than three seconds. How long does it take you to change just one tyre?

Now, just imagine if your business had its own pit team, ready and waiting to resolve your issues and sent you on your way at top speed.

Having the perfect team could put you ahead of your competitors and make the ultimate difference between winning and losing!

So let’s dig a little deeper into that analogy.

A typical pit team may do just three seconds work during the race, but believe me, that snippet of time is the culmination of an extraordinary mix of experience, know-how, technical expertise and practice. Each and every member of the team has a precise role to play and once the decision has been made for the car to come into the pit lane, every team member is ready for action. When the car stops, the team goes—that’s a lollipop man, four tyre changers, eight tyre carriers, two stabilizers, front wing men, front and rear jack men, a fire extinguisher man and a starter man! Precision choreography doesn’t begin to describe it! If your business had a team of experts like this, backing up your marketing activities with the technical expertise you don’t have in-house, just imagine what a difference it could make to your bottom line, while leaving you clear just to get on with what you do best—the driving.

Even more important in terms of winning a grand prix, is pit strategy. Even before the race has started, the driver and the team will have worked out an effective strategy, based on the facts. What sort of tyre will best suit the track and the weather conditions? How much difference will that tyre make to speed? How long will those tyres last? How will the track surface and the amount of braking required to make the corners affect the lifespan of the tyres? How much will other competitors gain while the car is in the pit? All this information is crunched together to inform the decision of how many stops to make and when to make them. Nothing is arbitrary. Hunches don’t get a look in.

This attention to detail reflects the way we work at Renew Marketing.

Your expertise is behind the wheel—but we can put the technical details in place that will allow you to drive faster, more effectively and more cost efficiently. Your perfect pit team will be assembled from our skill pool of experienced marketers in every discipline, and a strategy will be developed that’s unique to the track record and forward requirements of your company. You’ll receive a bespoke solution, whatever your marketing goals—because it’s our business to put you on the winner’s podium.