Find your edge with Futij

Reading this, you’re probably already someone who uses video in their marketing. You understand it’s power, it’s draw, it’s instant appeal. But maybe you’re stuck on how to stand out from the crowd. How in a seemingly saturated market of gifs and clips and YouTube content gone viral, there can be a way to bring your brand back to the fore. How do you make shiny even shinier? How do you make different out of different everywhere you look? How do you get noticed and stay noticed?

According to www.statisticbrain.com, there are 1.3 billion youtube users (that’s 17.5% of the global population); 4.9 billion videos viewed on youtube every single day; and 1 billion of those views taking place on our mobile phones. And with no easy-to-determine formula as to what viewers send viral in seconds or scroll over indifferently in their lunch break, turning to a professional agency for help is becoming increasingly necessary.

Here at Renew Marketing, we understand your challenges better than most because we listen; we analyse; and we like to be different. Actually different. Taking your video needs seriously, you will find our own ‘Futij’ team ready to get your brand back in the frame.

With Go-Pro, drones and animation at our fingertips, blended with traditional camera techniques, Futij will work with you to create:

  • Teasers and Trailers
  • Corporate video
    • Explainers and Introductions
    • Interviews
    • Show Cases of products and services
  • Promotional video
  • Animations
  • Short documentaries
  • Content for your YouTube Channel
  • Stills

If sleek, professional, edgy, magnetic appeal is what you are looking for then please give us a call on 0345 094 0522.